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E. Alexander


For the past 20 years, Ewan has been a stalwart in the electronic music scene. From festivals to underground nightclubs, record fairs to cafes, he's spun tunes in every corner. His genre specialty? Stripped-back deep house, though his collection spans two decades of house and disco gems.

Ewan's resume boasts highlights like Burning Man, fabric in London, Off Sonar Festival in Croatia, and guest slots at Lion & Lamb, The Cause, and Village Underground. He's held residencies at venues like The Horse & Groom, 93 Feet East, and The Nest, while also gracing the turntables in bars across the UK.

Beyond DJing, Ewan's a party curator and the head honcho of Mui Mui Records. He's spun radio shows on Bloop London and KMAH Radio in Leeds.

With his label thriving and a passion for DJing still burning, Ewan's musical journey is far from over. He's a testament to enduring dedication and a commitment to keeping dancefloors alive for years to come.

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